About the biofilm course

The focus of this online course is to provide the participants with a basic understanding of bacterial biofilms and of the health care problems related to infections involving bacterial biofilms. The participants will learn to describe and explain the basis for biofilms in chronic infections and to recognize relevant biofilm model system and interpret results thereof.







Why study bacterial biofilms and chronic infections?

Bacteria display two life forms during growth and proliferation. In one form the bacteria appear as single, free-floating cells (planktonic), in the other form bacteria are organized in aggregates. The latter form is commonly referred to as the biofilm mode of growth.

These two life forms have serious implications for bacterial infections in humans. Acute infections involve planktonic bacteria and are most often treatable. Chronic infections are most likely caused by bacterial biofilms and are nearly impossible to treat with antibiotics and other disinfectants.

The online course on Bacterial Biofilms and Their Role in Chronic Infections can be followed by both Master's degree and PhD students, as well as professionals that live up to the admission criteria.