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Online learning - how does it work?

The course is structured around internet based E-learning modules (E-modules) with weekly deadlines. This means that you as a student can follow the course from anywhere in the world at any time you like. All you need is an internet connection. You will only meet and interact with your teachers and fellow students at the University of Copenhagen's online learning platform.

Due to this internet based platform, we have the unique opportunity to attract and offer you teaching from the most prominent and skilled biofilm researchers in the world. The teaching at the course is not only theoretical. You will also do practical experiments and task, such as small biofilm experiments and online microscopy for identifying biofilms.

Each E-module is composed of:

  1. An introduction to the topic 

  2. An overview of the purpose, the subjects and the intended learning outcome

  3. A short study guide 

  4. Learning resources (which can be text, audio and/or video files)

  5. Several exercises called E-lessons.

The E-lessons are online learning activities which can be questionnaires, assignments, discussions or practical experiments (ready to use kits). The role of the teachers are to assist student learning by serving as E-moderators for the various E-lessons.

The online course room and teaching techniques are developed in collaboration with the IT learning Center (ITLC) at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. At ITLC they have many years of experience with online learning and teaching. They have used Gilly Salomons 5 staged model for online learning to develop their own unique model for online teaching. This model creates learning context which allows students to collaborate and participate actively in discussions of different learning topics with fellow students and teachers on the course.