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Course evaluation

Below you find the results of the final evaluation of the online course in Biofilms. The evaluation of the course is designed as a questionnaire which consists of some open questions about the course in general and a series of 'statements' about the course objectives, content, learning resources and learning activities.

Course objective and content

Figure 1: “In general, I feel that the course objectives have been achieved”

Learning ressources and task

Figure 2: “In general, the learning resources have helped my understanding of key concepts, terms and themes”

Figure 3: “The learning activities were aligned to the course objectives” 

Student quotes: 
- ”The self test is a good motivator”
I enjoyed very much the test kit and the online microscopy”

- ”The discussions were really helpful as were all of the presentations.”


Figure 4: “The discussions were facilitated appropriately”

Student quotes:
-”The discussions have been guided well by e-moderators and the professor’s answers to our questions have clarified our confusion.”

- ”After we all got used to the form after the first weeks, the discussions were very fruitful (most of the time)”.

Course room structure
Figure 5: “The course room was well-structured and easy to navigate” 

Online Course

Figure 6: “I find it valuable that the course in Biofilm was an online course” 

Figur 7: “I definitely want to attend an online course again”